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Our company is specialized in the research and development of software. VérinPlus software such as positioning gas strut . Designed specifically for office study, it can calculate the attachment points and the effort required to maintain the door, while ensuring rapid execution. The evolution and development has made it a recognized product, which gradually surpassed borders. Its modularity , appreciated by machine tool manufacturers in designing their cabin (machine guard). It contributed to his fame . Is done , the difficulty implanting the gas strut Inside a cockpit machine real problem offices for study. In addition to the space inside, it should consider opening angle and the angle of push while controlling the forces exerted on the structure. Structure generally extruded aluminum deform very easily unlike a stainless me is heavier . The risk of failure of a part or a too rapid movement may be grounds for refusal by the client , considered too dangerous. A peak for company specializing in the development machine compliance.
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